Design + Tech Economy

A design approach coupled with a strong technology sector taps a truly unique competency for Providence.

The City of Providence is a leader in the fields of design and technology. According to DesignxRI, Providence has the “3rd most industrial designers per capita after Detroit and Cleveland” and “Rhode Island has the 3rd largest percentage of creative sector jobs in the country, after New York and California.” Providence is also a leader in the region in the areas of computer science, cyber, and data analytics.

Companies chose Providence for the highly sought after workforce, which includes graduates of competitive, local college and university programs and the high quality of life here. Providence’s rich artistic heritage and educational strengths in design and technology allow for innovate design practice and application freely throughout the city. The infusion of design methodologies and technical skills is unleashing innovation and growth. This intersection has a high impact in economies where the City has an established core competency, the Food, Blue, and Health + Wellness Economy.


The design ecosystem in greater Providence is supported by a
growing number of industry specific resources. 

A handful of these resources are below.


An organization committed to cultivating an environment of experimentation and a community strengthened by creative networks.


AS220 is an artist-run organization committed to providing an unjuried and uncensored forum for the arts.


The Dirt Palace feminist art space was founded in an abandoned library building in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence and a self organized collective.

Co-Working Space:  
The Design Office

Where individuals work together providing office space, shared equipment, community and resources.


Founded in 1977, RISD is one of the best-known colleges in art and design in the U.S.


Connect local design superstars with a global world

If your organization is located in Providence, provides workspace to the art and design community, and is in good standing with the City and State and you believe it should be listed here please contact us.